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What does “going to college” really mean to you?

Some thoughts for my juniors who are working on their lists, trying to figure out what “the right fit” means.

Start to build a great lifetime skill…tune out the noise in the media, disregard peer pressure, groupthink, and rankings.

This will serve you well the rest of your life as a student, in your career, and someday as a parent (if that’s in your future).

Instead, chart your own course–determine what’s real for you.

It’s the foundation of good decision making.

What will you study?

If you don’t know, that’s fine–colleges keep adding exploratory programs because they are honest fits for so many students.

It’s ok to sit in uncertainty…most college students change their majors at least twice.

Tweaking, adjusting, and changing dreams doesn’t mean failure, but mature decision making.

It is not negative to leave a relationship, a major, even a school, when that choice is thoughtfully made.

Be honest about what you need and who you are.

Figure out what centers you in your learning.

If you are confused, will you approach a chemistry professor when you are in a class of 400?

Colleges are not the quad and the buildings-they are the people, the mentors.

Will you be open to finding mentors who help you in school and give you career direction?

Finally, stay positive as we start the process of essays and applications.

Just do the next right thing, one thing at a time.

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