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This may sound a little strange. Unlike many people, even some of my colleagues, I actually look forward to helping students with their essays! After years of teaching students to construct arguments and interpret literature, a 650 word max, page and a half personal statement is a pleasure for me (not that I didn’t enjoy the other stuff). 

That’s why I am excited to announce that our new video “Moments, Not Topics” is live on the Less College Stress website! 

Why is our video unique? It helps students approach the essay positively by eliminating the “what’s my topic?” question. Instead, we focus on the moments found in stories, because well-crafted storytelling holds readers’ attention. 

After helping hundreds of students through the essay process, I get it. Students are not always ready to dig down to find their stories. That doesn’t stop me, and it won’t stop our essay coaches. We ask a lot of questions, the kind that students can’t answer with a yes or no. The more we engage, the more we discover. The best story is there to be found, and once it reveals itself, structuring the events and refining the language is the easy part.

My mission is to help families avoid college process stress whenever possible. What can be more frustrating than trying to get your teenager to “find something to write about?” I get that too! We provide a buffer, which can help a student relax, open up, and reflect more easily. We get to work on essays as soon as the challenges of junior year wind down, which can be as early as April but more typically in late June, depending on the student. Best of all, we encourage students to develop confidence about their writing and produce unique essays that admissions officers want to read.


Students and parents always return from visiting the C of C with rave reviews. This way “beyond a college town” offers top dining, unique as well as popular shopping, colonial and early American cultural and historic sights, and a relaxing waterfront walkway featuring a pineapple-shaped fountain! Mid-sized C of C is located in the heart of it all.

I knew there were 60 majors, small classes with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, and an Honors College providing advanced coursework for high-achievers. What about the strength of C of C’s academic programs and career opportunities?

The Biology department is strong, and the marine biology program offers specialty courses, research opportunities, and fieldwork to study local ecosystems. 

The innovative Arts Management program combines business with art/art history to prepare students for careers in arts administration and museum management/operations. An allied program is Historic Preservation and Community Planning, which utilizes the city as a living classroom for preserving cultural resources. Studying business, sustainability, history, and art allows students who love the arts an opportunity to build solid careers. 

The AACSB-accredited School of Business has two programs of special note: Supply Chain and Information Management, which prepare students for logistics roles. 

These are a few companies that recruit C of C Students:

Blackbaud: This top international cloud software company located in Charleston hires C of C students for tech, operations, and sales positions.

MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina): Biology, chemistry, and allied health field students go on to careers or further education at Charleston’s medical school, which is nationally ranked second in adult and sixth in pediatric specialties, and rated high-performing in 4 adult specialties and 13 procedures and conditions. 

Despite its recent troubles, Boeing remains an aerospace giant that recruits engineering, supply chain, business, and other majors for internships/jobs at its Charleston-area facilities.

EY (Ernst & Young), PwC, Deloitte recruit C of C accounting and finance grads.

The South Carolina-based hybrid technology distributor ScanSource and New Zealand-based Sims Distributing are major employers of C of C supply chain and business majors.

After three days in Charleston, I absolutely know why the College of Charleston has become a  top destination for so many students. I encourage everyone to visit–and stay long enough to sample some shrimp and grits, hush puppies, and coconut cake for dessert. 


We'll get to College of Charleston, as promised, next week. Here's an important update!

Juniors with an IEP, the next class valedictorian, and everyone in between will benefit from the additions starting in the 2025 admissions cycle at Less College Stress Consulting.

New Team of Essay Specialists

While I will still oversee the essay process, each student will be assigned a best-fit essay coach. Previously, I have engaged longtime writing professor Lisa Leskiw to use her “second pair of eyes” to review essays. Now, Lisa is leading our essay team. This experienced group of writers, writing coaches, and editors understand what college essays must accomplish and are excited to begin advising LCS students. Students applying to very competitive colleges must often write more complicated essays. Getting feedback from several professionals, like published authors do, will ensure that every essay is written to impress college admissions readers. The new Essay Video will be premiering soon! 

Executive Functioning Support

Who among us couldn’t use help organizing our many tasks to simplify completing them by a deadline? Now, students who become overwhelmed and/or procrastinate can count on a helping hand. Our new consultant, Samantha Fruhling, has years of experience in this area and holds a certification in executive functioning coaching.

New Independent Education Consultant

My policy is to not overextend myself. That’s why I turn away latecomers who contact me for help with Comprehensive or Essay Packages each year. While welcoming Samantha to the practice means I can support more students, rest assured that my role has not changed: I will continue to be your primary consultant. Having the essay team’s help with the most time-consuming part of the application process will allow me to spend more time addressing the needs of parents and students. Our team will work together on research, list building, contacting colleges, and every part of the application process for you.

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