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Happy students and happy families are the measure of success at  Less College Stress Consulting.


Pamela's students apply to and are accepted at a wide range of colleges and universities from big to small, private to public, north to south, east and west, and international.


Here's what some of her students and families have to say about LCS and DE-STRESSING the COLLEGE PROCESS.   


Accepted to Stanford University, Early Decision


"I simply cannot recommend Pamela Kwartler enough to anyone going through the college admission process. Pamela was invaluable in helping me craft unique and thought-out applications for each of the colleges I applied to, providing a real insight into the application process that other books and online sources were not able to show. As an international applicant, the US college system was both extremely daunting and confusing; however, Pamela explained and demystified it. We truly worked together. I learnt how to write powerful essays that effectively demonstrated my skills, passions and aspirations to each college, with the help of Pamela’s editing. Through all the amazing guidance Pamela provided, I was accepted into Harvard University, Princeton University and Stanford University (the college I am now currently attending), three dream schools I had never even considered possibilities only a year ago. Thank you so much Pamela for all the incredible goals you have helped me achieve, I truly could not have done it without you!"

Accepted to Emory University, Early Decision


"I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through the college application process this summer without Pamela. She kept me organized, was extremely helpful with my essays, and was truly an expert on the specifics of all the colleges I applied to. Together, we compiled a balanced list of impressive colleges ranging from safeties to my desired reach schools. Personally, I was on the fence about where to ED-I didn’t know whether to play it more safe or take a risk. With the combined help of Pamela and my parents, I took the risk and am now accepted into the college of my dreams, Emory University. She encouraged me to send the admissions office promising emails about my dedication as a student, and helped me present my resume to their standards. Beyond the promised help with essays, emails, and the common app, she was just a pleasant person to talk to about all the craziness that is college applications. I honestly experienced less stress than most of my friends and a lot of that is due to Pamela’s strategy as a college counselor. Both my family and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Pamela this past year." 

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Accepted to George Washington University, Early Decision


"Thanks for making the college application process so seamless for our daughter Sarah.  She was accepted at her top choice-GW- and we couldn't be prouder!  Your advice on how to position all of her positive attributes and demonstrated achievement, we believe, was critical to her being accepted.  Knowing when to follow up with a college rep, the types of areas to highlight-- these are such critical details in a competitive collegiate arena.  The time spent reviewing and further personalizing her essay with specific details from her hospital volunteer experiences, certainly helped Sarah to stand-out within the crowd.  Sarah was admitted to her top six choices.  Thank you for all that you have done."


Accepted to University of Miami

"Thank you so much for making my college process so much less stressful; working with you the past few months has been a delight! After getting accepted to University of South Carolina, Indiana University, University of Arizona, San Diego State University, and the University of Miami, I can confidently say I will attending my dream school University of Miami. Thank you so so much for everything!"

Accepted to Vanderbilt University, Early Decision


"I can’t say enough about the value that Pamela provided my son with her counseling on his college applications. Pamela provides a breadth of knowledge about colleges and the in’s and out’s of applying that allowed us to develop a very intelligent strategy to the application process. After the strategy was set, she also helped us understand the applications themselves through the eyes of an admission’s officer and helped us create an approach to the individual essays. Pamela is also easy to work with and worked directly with my son, pushing him to develop and complete his essays. At the end of the process, my son had written highly compelling essays that provided insights to who he is and were very interesting to read. I believe that both the strategy and the essays he developed, through Pamela’s counseling, truly made a difference in his applications and the success he achieved in his college admittance." 

Accepted to Bucknell University, Early Decision

"Thank you so much for all of your help with the college application process. I have been accepted to the school of management at Bucknell University. It was my first choice as I applied early decision. I'm so excited to go! Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday!"

Accepted to Gettysburg College with Merit Award, Early Decision


"Pamela definitely made the college process much less stressful than it would have been without her. If I ever had a problem with something or a question, I knew I didn’t need to worry because I could always ask her and she would help me. I was never super stressed when I was thinking about college like all of my friends were because I knew she was there to help. She introduced me to many colleges that I did not even know about or would even consider applying to. She also helped me narrow down my list so that I would not be applying to colleges that I did not want to go to. Before starting the college process, I was very lost. But, Pamela helped me realize what I wanted in a school and what I did not want. She also helped me with my college essay. I had some ideas about what I wanted to write about, but I was having trouble putting them into words that would be good enough for a college essay. Pamela sparked some new ideas for me to write about that I could actually put into essay form. She helped me create an essay that I am proud of and that shows who I am as not only writer, but as a person."

Accepted to Smith College, Early Decision

"College application process can be stressful, anxiety provoking and sometimes depressing for students and parents. As a parent, I too felt such anxiety and stress before I attended Pamela's college application workshop. After listening to Pamela, however, I felt that it is not the worst process in the world. She made it much more manageable and less stressful by providing not just expertise and knowledge but also wisdom and insight about the process. My two children have worked with her and they were admitted to the school of their first choice. Pamela helped with their essays and interviews and she was always calm and supportive. We are grateful for all that she did for us."

Accepted to George Mason University

“I just wanted to thank you again for your help and guidance with Colin's college hunt and application essay and let you know how things panned out. For the boy who was afraid he would never get into a 4 year college and be able to pursue his dream of studying computer engineering, he did fantastic...Colin is going to be a George Mason Patriot!! He is officially enrolled and has applied for housing in the Engineering and Computers Living Learning Community.”

Accepted to Tulane University


"Pamela is very good at connecting with the student in a genuine way and celebrating their uniqueness. The student feels safe to openly explore themselves in un-thought of ways, thus creating the opportunity for very powerful college essays. As well, she makes the time necessary and is willing to communicate with the student and /or parents throughout the process on off hours between meetings. This is very helpful. We would strongly recommend Pamela!"

Accepted to Muhlenberg College, Early Decision


"I highly recommend Pamela Kwartler...she is not only extremely competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of the tests (SAT/ACT), but also shows a genuine concern about your child and gives them her complete and undivided attention. She always has time to answer any questions you might have and you never feel rushed. She will help you as much or as little as you need during the college application process. My son really needed a lot of help with his essay and Pamela really worked “wonders” with him. She asked him thought provoking questions to help him come up with his own idea and then kept his attention to get it down on paper. It turned out to be one of his best writings and I believe it is what got him into his first choice school! I think the best thing I can say about Pamela is that the first person my son called after receiving his acceptance letter was Pamela Kwartler!"

Accepted to University of Delaware

"Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the process. Not 1 flat out rejection!

We are starting already with our sophomore. Ryan is preparing now for his subject tests and deciding whether he will be taking SAT or ACT. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Accepted to Fordham University


"...after agonizing that Matt might not get into business school, he wound up having a choice of three top programs! After all the nail biting, he’s picked Fordham--they offered him some money and he’ll be living nearby in NYC so his girlfriend is thrilled!! Thank you for encouraging him to apply when others told him not to. This process is so hard but...thank you for keeping his--and our-- confidence up.”

Accepted to University of Scranton

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance through this college process. Sarah has decided to attend University of Scranton next year. We are truly thrilled about this new opportunity for Sarah! She had great success with the college admission process and we appreciate all your help. We've recommend your services to friends and will reach out in a couple of years with our twins. Thanks again!"

Accepted to University of Pennsylvania, Early Decision

"Peter got into U Penn! He found out yesterday. We want to thank you for all your help and hard work, not only for Peter but also for the girls (Lehigh and Wake Forest). I don't think we could have done it without your help and guidance. Please let me know if I owe you anything for recent work you did at home.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs college prep help."

Accepted to Endicott College


"Pam Kwartler is a true professional and a hidden gem. She is a pleasure to work with! Pam guided our son through the daunting process of applying to colleges. When it came time to choosing the perfect school, writing the essays and keeping track of deadlines and required information, Pam was always on top of things. She went beyond the obvious and found our son his perfect fit. She is a detail demon and relates to students well. We highly recommend Pam and give her a five-star rating."

Accepted to University of Virginia (2)

"Thank you so much for your nice note, and more importantly for all of your help to get me into UVA. I really couldn't have done it without you. I will keep in touch on updates about UVA and will let you know if I have any further questions!"

"This year he has a very difficult teacher for English Literature AP and the students were told that they could ask her to read their college essay, but that if she did it would count as a grade. This teacher rarely gives out an A, however, guess what Tim got on The Piano Room essay? He received an A with some nice comments to go with it."

Accepted to Manhattan College

"I wanted to say thank you for all you did for Matthew… You were a saving grace for my husband and I and we appreciate everything you did for him! I will be sure to be passing on your number to many of my friends with younger kids. You truly made the application and essay experience goes smoothly for Matthew. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Meeting you was a blessing."

Accepted to Ithaca College

"Thanks for everything! We really appreciate all the work you did with Jay! He is so excited about Ithaca and we are so happy for him!"

Accepted to U.C. Santa Barbara


"Pam and her expertise were a godsend for me! Well worth every penny - thanks!"

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