Pamela Kwartler is a seasoned independent education consultant and professor of Writing and English. She is a Certified Educational Planner, a distinction earned by a small percentage of consultants in the field. Pamela completed over fifty hours of concentrated study and high performance on a four-plus hour written assessment of institutional knowledge and case studies evaluated by a board of top peers in the field. Before becoming an IEC, Pamela worked in college development, advertising, magazine, and textbook editing, and tutored ACT/SAT and Humanities subjects. Working closely with 9th through 12th grade students, in person and electronically, Pamela supports them with advice on a high school pathway, including course selection, extracurricular and summer activities, and standardized tests. As students become rising seniors, Pamela minimizes stress by helping students manage a schedule, meet deadlines, and craft standout applications, communicating with parents throughout the process.

The founder of Less College Stress Consulting, Pamela earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature and Master of Arts Degree in English from Seton Hall University. In addition to Educational Planning, she holds certifications in Mental Health First Aid, College Essay Writing, and CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) Tutoring. Pamela is an active member of the Independent Education Consultants Association, the Higher Education Consultants Association, the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, and the NJ Association of College Admissions Counselors, attending conferences for continuing education and college tours, and conferring with professional colleagues. 


In addition to teaching Writing/Composition & Literature, Pamela refines her essay expertise by discussing essays with admissions officers, continually studying current methods, and taking classes with top essay writing professionals. In July 2020, Pamela wrote and co-led the breakout panel “Quantifying the Value of Essays in College Admissions” at the IECA National Conference. She writes and edits essays for Insights, IECA's industry publication, evaluates proposals for IECA conferences, and rates essays for the Stop the Hate Youth Essay Contest. She especially enjoys helping students find and express their unique college essay stories.

"Pam guided our son through the daunting process of applying to colleges. When it came time to choosing the perfect school, writing the essays and keeping track of deadlines and required information, Pam was always on top of things. She went beyond the obvious and found our son his perfect fit."

SEVEN REASONS to Consider Less College Stress Consulting


 As a writer for Insights, Pamela has published articles on testing, college mental health concerns, and the future of jobs and skills sets in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She has run roundtables to facilitate discussions about student mental health for colleagues. Pamela follows general trends in higher education as well as admissions trends at individual colleges.


As a teacher of writing/research methods and a former textbook editor and copywriter, Pamela guides students in crafting exceptionally strong essays, including those for graduate programs such as medicine and law.


Pamela discovers the right colleges to match the student’s specific interests and needs:

  • AACSB-accredited business schools

  • STEM, sustainability and environmental science

  • Pre-health and pre-law programs

  • Spectrum of engineering majors

  • International institutions

  • Religious considerations

  • Best accommodations for students with learning disabilities

  • Colleges committed to supporting student mental health


Since 2009, Pamela has worked with students privately and in groups as well as given presentations to educate families about the college process. She adheres to a strict code of ethics as a CEP and member of IECA, HECA, and NJ ACAC.


Pamela keeps up with admissions/academic trends by doing continual research, attending professional conferences, continuing education workshops, and meeting with admissions officers throughout the year.  Visit her website blog and like Less College Stress Consulting” on Facebook to view her posts on developments in higher education.


Pamela regularly visits colleges to build relationships with admissions reps, see campus growth, learn about financial aid trends, and to experience campus culture. She has visited over 30 colleges in 2018/2019 and has attended webinars and taken virtual tours of over 25 colleges so far in 2020. 


When Pamela manages the college process for your family, we DE-STRESS the COLLEGE PROCESS.

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