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New England College Trip Reflections

Learned much more but here are some quick facts:

University of New Hampshire: Excellent choice that we often forget in favor of UMass or UConn. Mid-sized (app 12,000) flagship with top sciences, engineering and business school. Great personal support to help students adjust to college.

Dartmouth College: Founded 1740, quarter system with J-term (January). 63% Greek life inclusive to all. Fun town, top profs (take professor to lunch), fabulous alumni network. Diverse, non-traditional student body.

Champlain College: Ranked in top ten by Princeton Review for gaming majors. Small but powerful; every student completes a capstone project. Beautiful campus on Lake Champlain with upside down curriculum (hands-on work freshman year).

University of Vermont: Popularity sparked ED option. Strong environmental/science majors highly-rated (hospital on campus); engineering + two CompSci programs. Burlington, VT best college town! Private ski mountain.

St. Michael’s College: Purpose-driven curriculum: “Ask Why?” Ethics-based courses. Service is prioritized; students staff the local ambulance and fire truck. Solid business, bio, psych, and media studies. Top D2 athletics.

Middlebury College: Huge, pastoral campus, small student body. Famous for its foreign language programs. 4 1 4 schedule with J Term. Long running “Feb” program. Beautiful campus with its own ski mountain.

Bennington College: Only 700 students. Unique arts programs. Students choose a project freshman year and see it to fruition with advisor. Health fellowships at hospital, museum fellowships at several NYC museums, and theatre fellowships at off-B’way theatres

Williams College: Only 8% admit rate. Tutorial system modeled on Oxford. Students bond with professors. All research/internships are paid. Great outcomes: Ivies for professional school. Employed by Apple, ESPN, Goldman, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pfizer, Nature Conservancy.


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