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Happy New Year! Sharing news from some recent grads

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting college feedback from students.

I am LOVING Providence right now. I cannot wait to go back!! :) I love the atmosphere of the school. Everyone is so genuine and kind and there is ALWAYS something to do. Our D1 sports are so strong and everything is all right on the same campus- from the food to the easily accessible places…my professors are incredible. Seriously. the classes can be tough, but I have so much of a support system from my teachers.

My classes at the University of South Carolina so far have gone very well! I got on the Dean's List the first semester! I love the people I've met so far and the football games and community outside of classes is really fun!

I really love the atmosphere. I don’t know how to exactly explain it in writing but basically, everyone is just so nice. We have an open door policy on campus, so it’s part of the Villanova Values to hold the door for the person behind you. And it’s just small things like that that totally make your day and make you smile!

Also, they have so many amazing clubs and club sports teams. I joined the club swim team even though I’m not the best swimmer. Now I have friends ranging from freshmen to seniors and people to turn to for advice. It’s been really helpful and nice to have a tight-knit group of people to turn to my first semester finding my way!

Happy New Year to you too! I am enjoying Villanova and can’t believe the first semester is done!

Hi! School is great (Hamilton College)-I love it!

Happy New Year and school (University of Richmond) is going great. I love it so far.

More to share next week! Let me know if you would like to speak to a current student at any college.


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