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Freshman Experience: The University of Miami

Lindsay Arone

I just finished my freshman year at the University of Miami, and I absolutely loved it! I am a psychology major on the pre-law track. With psychology being such a large major, it was slightly stressful picking classes, but everything always worked out. I had great experiences with my

professors as well. Classes were on the larger side, but each professor was eager to help me when I approached them. I did very well academically this past year and I owe that in part to having great professors. Living in the dorms was so much fun. I had a great relationship with my roommate and the other girls on my floor. I joined a few clubs last year and there are more organizations that I hope to join next year. There were so many athletic, academic, and recreational organizations to choose from! I also joined a sorority and, while it is not a huge part of campus life, I love it! I met so many incredible women and had some wonderful experiences. My best accomplishment of freshman year was my academic success, I had very good grades in all my classes for both semesters and ended with a high GPA. I had an amazing first year and I am so excited to go back to Miami for sophomore year!

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t worked with Less College Stress Consulting. I experienced no stress during the application process, Pamela planned everything out for me and helped me through everything. All my applications were complete before the end of the summer which allowed me to enjoy my senior year. I absolutely love the University of Miami and I know it is where I belong.

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