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First Reports from 2017 Freshmen

I've reached out to many of last year's students to hear about their college experiences so far. My purpose is twofold-to make sure they are doing well, and to learn about what being a student at a given college is like. I can visit, talk to admissions reps, and research, but nothing beats a first hand review. I will continue to update the Resources page of the website as reviews come in and post them on Facebook as well as on this blog.

I'm starting with a very enthusiastic review from Tori...check again for new posts.

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, Tori, 2017 Freshman

"Choosing to ED and attend the University of Miami was the absolute best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I am beyond obsessed with the school and I think it is the best college in the entire world! My favorite part of Miami has to be the campus. . I constantly feel like I am on vacation and how can you be sad in the sunshine? There is such a diverse social scene that I found it so easy to make incredible friends. If you are a foodie, Miami is also such a great place to be. Even though UM is a total campus school we are so close to the city. My friends and I find ourselves ordering in a lot of our meals and being exposed to some of the best food I’ve ever had. I chose to ED to Miami for all these reasons plus the fantastic communications school. Double majoring in public relations and media management, I practically live at the comm school. There are such incredible resources there that I never really feel lost even as a freshman. To all the juniors and seniors out there who are stressed about college, trust the process. You will end up where you are meant to end up and I really hope it’s UMiami. It’s all about the U!"

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