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Professional Tutor Recommendations (Among Other Benefits)

Belonging to four professional organizations carries benefits I am always glad to extend to my students and families. Want to talk to a current student at a college that isn’t offering tours at the moment? No problem--even if I haven’t had a student attend that school in 6 or 7 years, someone in my network has and will happily contact that student to let them know you’ll be in touch. Parents: want to connect with a parent of a student? Done. Is there a new accelerated Master’s program I haven’t heard about yet? The consultant who knows early will share that information with our network and I will make note of it in the “Notes” for that particular college.

Lately, there have been several consultants in search of professional tutors to help students with coursework that’s more challenging than ever with virtual and hybrid courses. The responses have been amazing! I am collecting lists of physics, chemistry, foreign language, APUSH, and writing mechanics tutors to share with you. Like the professional tutors I recommend for standardized test prep, these are teachers or professionally-trained adults with years of experience, as opposed to young adults who work as tutors because they did well on standardized tests. Tried and true teaching skills are the priority and the key.

These recommendations come from consultants all over the US and internationally. One current silver lining is that it doesn’t matter where the tutors are physically located. Please be in touch if you would like any referrals.

Pamela Kwartler, Certified Educational Planner


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