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November 1st doesn’t have to be scary

As the real witching hour for many--midnight on Wednesday, November 1st--approaches, just about all of my students have submitted their applications due at that time. Most submitted them closer to my October 15th submissions deadline. Still, there’s been a bit of seasonally-appropriate fright, mostly a refrain about one topic this past week:

“My teacher hasn’t submitted his/her letters yet! Should I not submit my application?”

The answer, of course, is “yes!” It behooves you to get that application in as soon as it is complete. While the application isn’t reviewed until every required part is in, the college still downloads it when you push the button. Colleges get an onslaught of last-minute submissions--why not separate yours from the pack? Show your ability to manage your time as well as your enthusiasm about each college by submitting as soon as you are satisfied with the application.

A second topic:

“I can’t send in my application because I’m still waiting for my scores from my October test!”

While there are a few colleges in the most-competitive category that need those scores either self-reported or sent from the testing agency by the November deadline, these schools are in the minority. This year, I have only one student in this category.

For most students, this situation gives you a great excuse to make contact with your admissions rep and ask if it’s ok to let them know your scores (which may include a superscore from earlier dates) as soon as you get the most recent scores. Most will tell you to add your scores to your portal, which you will have access to after you apply. If your earlier scores are not up to the college’s 50-75% percentile and you are praying for a miracle October score, check “not submitting scores” on your application. You can always submit scores that way; however, if you check that you do want your scores considered as part of your application, you must submit them.

Remember that you are in control of this part of the college process! I’m so proud of my students for working ahead of deadlines. Happy Halloween to all!


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