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New extracurricular idea, college trip, senior decisions!

When my son told me that he was on the judge’s panel for the National High School Ethics Bowl at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill this weekend, that really got my attention. Yes, colleges want students with strong character traits, but even if they didn’t, I would champion this as an ideal extracurricular activity. Visit the page to learn how to start a high school team and recruit participants! I posted about it on both Facebook pages, and here’s a link and video if anyone is interested:

Next up, I’m off to Spring Preview Day at Fordham today. We know how selective certain schools have become this year, and Fordham is no exception. I found them to be somewhat unpredictable for my students (both boys); a 4.0 student with many AP courses and a 1400 SAT was deferred from the College Of Arts and Sciences and another was admitted to the Gabelli Business School with lower numbers and less rigor (chose to attend elsewhere). I’m looking forward to gaining some insight that will help my 2023 and 2024 Fordham hopefuls. Of course, as at every college, I’m curious to see if any test-optional policies will change. That mainly seems to be happening in the south.

Finally, most of the class of 2022 is all set, with Villanova (5), the University of Richmond, University of Georgia, George Washington University, Syracuse (2), Notre Dame (most likely choice out of many), Providence (2), Colgate, Hamilton, Emerson, University of South Carolina, Clemson, Bowdoin, and Boston College chosen so far. But there’s still time to decide! Several students are wrestling with excellent options: UVA, Clemson, Gettysburg, College of the Holy Cross, Penn State, Colgate, Franklin & Marshall, Ithaca, University of Vermont, Northeastern, Case Western (2), Rensselaer Polytechnic (3), Purdue (2), Union College, the University of Rochester, and Skidmore. I’m ready to help with these difficult decisions and so happy for all my students.


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