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Happy Thanksgiving! Just Keep College Out of It

In this stranger than strange year with its own unique brand of stress, the stress of waiting to hear from colleges is only exacerbated for our seniors. Please be mindful of conversations you have with your smaller gatherings or at a Zoom Thanksgiving. I post this on my Less College Stress Consulting Facebook page each year. It's great advice.

As I congratulate my students who contact me with news of acceptances, I share their happiness (even if the college is not a top choice). Then I think of those still waiting for news (they of course will get acceptances too, albeit later than usual for most EA applicants). Parents: Thanksgiving can be a tough time for seniors. Tell relatives and friends to lay off the interrogation and just be thankful for the pleasures of spending time with the kids in person or virtually. De-stress the College Process℠ and Happy Thanksgiving!


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