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Freshman Experience: The University of Wisconsin

Holly Shulman

Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies Major

Ever since I visited my sister Abby at University of Wisconsin-Madison when I was in 7th grade, I knew Wisconsin was my dream school. I fell in love with the city-like campus as well as the school spirit that was evident after a short conversation with any student. Throughout the college process, I made sure to keep an open mind, but always knew I wanted to go there. After receiving my acceptance in December 2020, I committed shortly after.

I have always had a passion for fashion for as long as I could remember. In high school, I had my own small college clothing business on Instagram called AllPatchedUp, so I knew I wanted to explore more of the business side of fashion in college. Within Wisconsin’s School of Human Ecology, the consumer behavior and marketplace studies major is the perfect fit for me to learn about all things retail, consumer behavior, business, and more all wrapped up into one. Being such a large university, it is nice to be a part of a smaller school, with only around 500 students in my major. This allows me to have more individualized attention, and get to know the other students in my major better.

Aside from the consumer behavior major, I have been able to explore other areas of study that interest me, such as women and gender studies and graphic design, which I intend on getting certificates in. With such a wide range of class options, there are endless opportunities at UW-Madison to explore anything you're interested in!

Outside of the classroom, I was able to get involved in Greek life in the fall semester. Although the recruitment process can be stressful, I am so happy with the group of girls I ended up with, and it helped shaped my freshman year experience. I am living in the sorority house this year, and I could not be more excited. I also got involved with Humorology during my first semester, which is a student-run philanthropy organization that raises money for a beneficiary each year. 1-2 sororities are paired with 1-2 fraternities, and we put on an annual musical show that takes place in April. Being involved with theater throughout high school, this was the perfect opportunity to continue my love of theater while being involved in my sorority. After having a lead role last year, I now have a leadership position this year, and will be helping to write and produce my cast’s show! I am so happy to be a Badger, and enjoy all of the opportunities that Wisconsin has and will continue to give me!


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