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Summer Plans Fall Through? New Workshop for High School Students!

What if you could answer some simple questions to discover:

  • Extracurricular ideas to engage you this summer and beyond?

  • An academic major/minor?

  • A satisfying career in the future?

You can--and you'll be able to revisit your answers as you move through college and the work world. High school students can focus on discovering what to do this summer--or on any of the three objectives. In three 40 minutes sessions, you'll gain insight about your college path and eventually, understand what makes a job right for you.

Session 1: Let me learn about you through a personalized Q. & A.

Session 2: Unpack your survey answers and we'll brainstorm ideas for summer.

Session 3: Let's explore the results of my research and discover what's next for you!

Workshops begin on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 26th. Contact me or DM on Less College Stress Consulting (Facebook) or destressthecollegeprocess (Instagram).

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