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"Demonstrate Interest" Different Ways

Some colleges make a point of saying that they don't follow demonstrated interest. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get on their radar if you are truly interested.

Planning on applying to a particulars schools? Sign up for college mailing lists, usually on the admissions page. If you don't see it, just type "mailing list" in the search line. Yes, you'll begin getting emails, and while you shouldn't interpret these as a lead-in to an offer of admissions, they matter. Your interactions with colleges are tracked by platforms like Slate and Salesforce. Now that "yield management" is a top priority for colleges, opening emails and following schools (including certain academic departments and sports teams) on Instagram is an valuable way to demonstrate interest.

Interviews are not always offered, but take advantage of opportunities when they are available. During the pandemic, admissions reps could not travel to high schools so Zoom interviews became more common. Even though we are getting back to pre-pandemic schedules, many reps still have not resumed their 2019 travel schedules. Reach out and see if they are willing to meet with you--come prepared with questions that cannot be easily answered on the website! Whether the interview is evaluative or informational, be ready to share stories that show who you are and have an enjoyable, relaxed conversation that shows your readiness for college.

Visits are the best way to learn about a college, but only certain schools "care" if you get to campus before you apply. To demonstrate the most interest, ask to sit in on classes and schedule an overnight. While there is no guarantee, showing colleges your love and enthusiasm is a way to distinguish yourself from other students who may have similar GPA's, rigor and test scores. Colleges want to admit students who will choose to attend, and your demonstrated interest lets them know you are serious about enrolling if admitted.

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