Understand "Demonstrated Interest"

I attended NJ ACAC's (Association of College admissions Counselors) "College Admission in the 2020's-A Look Ahead" on Tuesday. The projections held both optimism and unpredictability. But Rob Franek of Princeton Review made a great point about how juniors and seniors can create an edge: students applying to more competitive colleges should demonstrate their interest.

Your interactions with colleges are constantly tracked and counted. Are you serious about admission to a particular school? Visit, take advantage of interview opportunities, sit in on classes, schedule an overnight, and open every email from colleges you are excited about. While there is no guarantee, showing colleges your love and enthusiasm is a way to distinguish yourself from other students who may have similar GPA's, rigor and test scores. Colleges want to admit students who will choose to attend, and your demonstrated interest lets them know you are worthy of admission.