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No practice tests until after the ACT!

1. GROW A GROWTH MINDSET: It's "the belief that you can improve your abilities by practicing and learning from your mistakes, according to Khan Academy. So those mistakes on your last practice test can actually help you!

2. DITCH THE FIXED MINDSET: Do you believe you are incapable of learning a certain subject or doing something intimidating? College is the time to push past those limits.

3. USE PERSPECTIVE: The ACT is a big test-but if you're not satisfied with your scores this time, you can retake it. You've prepped and will do your best; use your growth mindset to do better next time.

4. FACE DOWN THE SCARE: Do you have a scary, critical voice inside your head? Experts suggest naming the voice to tame it, as in "Get out of here, Harry! I'm not listening anymore!"

5. CENTERING FIGURE: Ground yourself by turning inward to a calming, centering figure which can be religious, spiritual, or simply someone who loves and believes in you. It's the opposite of the scary voice.

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