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1. GET OUT (IN NATURE): It's warming up! Research proves that being outside in a natural setting "yields mental benefits." See the study: and hit the Wildlife Center.

2. TAKE YOUR LAST PRACTICE TEST: Especially if you've been prepping diligently, give your brain a break for two days before the actual test.

3. GUIDED IMAGERY: Imagine yourself confidently going through the test, taking control. You are in a comfortable, familiar place (a classroom) where you will be successful. Athletes often use this technique before taking the field.

4. TUNE OUT NEGATIVITY: Don't listen to "the buzz" of others who are nervous about the test. In fact, don't talk about the test. It's good practice for cutting stress by not talking about college too much later.

5. TURN ON POSITIVITY: This offers an alternative to #4. Stay close to friends and family who support and believe in you.

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