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This past year has created new educational needs as well as increased needs that existed prior to the pandemic. That’s why I am offering some suggestions on my Resources Page under the heading “Recommended Professionals.” Whether your students are working with me on their college process or not, these professionals are available to help you and your students manage the pressures of high school in 2021 and beyond.

This past summer, I spent hours essay brainstorming with students in their beds in semi-dark rooms. As you might guess, this did not yield the most effective results! While remote learning works for some, many of our kids are losing their ability to focus (even if they are seated at a well-lit desk). Worst of all, they are losing confidence and simply not completing work. The support of an Executive Functioning professional can help them develop skills for success; specialist Lisa Leskiw, M.Ed., MSW teaches students how to organize and manage tasks so they regain control over what they lost during virtual school.

Despite the test-optional trend, I still recommend that students take standardized tests to see how they will perform. We develop strategies on submitting scores, school by school. Cheryl Anderson is a longtime Verbal and Math test-prep professional I have worked with for many years. She offers well-priced packages, including diagnostic testing to assess students’ needs before tutoring them for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, as well as for some graduate school tests.

Each year, I hear from a family in search of colleges where their student can pursue a BFA or BA in dance, theatre, voice, or teaching those subjects--sometimes in addition to another major or minor. I prefer to recommend an expert in this area. Margo Rudman Gold works exclusively with performing arts students and has expertise in the mainstream colleges that offer strong programs in these areas, as well as arts-specific schools.

I recommend Don Fuchs, an extraordinary tutor and retired scientist who helps students approach challenging STEM subjects in a way that makes them less obtuse. AP Science tests are Don’s specialty.

Finally, the college lists I build are always viable and realistic financially for families. Now, I need to gather information on how individual colleges’ financial health was affected by the pandemic. In addition to building my own database and sharing information with colleagues, I am enlisting the services of a private researcher focusing on need and non-need based aid as well as the colleges’ financial status. This will allow me to build smarter lists.

Here’s a link to the Resources Page!


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