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Student Outcomes, Alison Esterow

After graduating in 2021 from Bucknell University, I started working as a consultant consultant at a firm named West Monroe. In my day-to-day, I work to help companies build their data platforms, determine data tools to use, and build dashboards to allow companies to see and understand their data in a more visual way. At Bucknell I majored in Computer Science and Economics with a minor in math. Through my time at Bucknell I had work experience with two internships, a day shadowing a Bucknell alum, and a part time job tutoring computer science. When it came time to apply for jobs in senior year, I wanted to go into a technical field to work with people on a daily basis. This brought me to technical consulting roles. In my job, I am able to apply the skills I learned in both of my majors, as well as collaborate with peers that have both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Outside of my day to day role, I have worked with West Monroe’s corporate social responsibility team to help plan a company wide day of service in which employees work with nonprofits in their local communities! I am grateful for my time at Bucknell which allowed me to explore my different areas of interest and career options!


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