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Some Podcast Recommendations for High School Students (and the Rest of Us)

Here are a few ideas for podcasts that go beyond celebrity and gossip:

Stuff You Should Know: Learn about everything from numerology, free speech, the Magna Carta, and how embalming works. Josh and Chuck also cover teen favorites like true crime.

Freakanomics: A favorite of science afficianados, focusing on the science/technology/economics crossover. Host Stephen Dubner sometimes features Angela Duckworth (UPenn psychology professor/writer of Grit as a guest.

How I Built This: succesful entrepreneurs like Peloton’s John Foley share their failure (s) to success stories.

Radiolab: Mind-opening stories that inspire, often science-based.

TED-podcasts: Browse through 45 often-inspiring podcasts on positivity, design, mental health, business, science, climate, whatever makes us human. Everything you can imagine, mostly short, some long.

It Was Said/Hope Through History: Historian John Meacham presents short, inspiring, snapshots of history, featuring excerpts of speeches from the likes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Muhammad Ali, and Tim Tebow.

The Argument: NYTimes podcast features experts respectfully debating two, or sometimes three, sides of major issues, moderated by libertarian columnist Jane Costin.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!: Test your news and entertainment knowledge quiz show.

Two of my personal favorites, not recommending for all unless they pique your interest:

Uncomfortable with your information being manipulated by social media companies?

See Tristan Harris’s film The Social Dilemma and listen to his podcast Your Undivided Attention

The Ezra Klein Show:

The liberal, advocate of “doing the reading” author of Why We’re Polarized offers polite discussions of big issues, often challenging himself while staying true to his ideas.

Feel free to share your suggestions with me.


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