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Senior Decisions, Juniors Ready to Launch, Conference Follow-up, and College Speed Dating

After all the 2021 admissions stress, several of my seniors are now wrestling with too many good options! They may be on one or more waitlists, but those are on the back burner now as they picture themselves at one college or another. I weigh in, and my nation-wide network of consultants has shared invaluable insights on colleges I’m less familiar with. The truth? These high-achievers will do well, and likely be happy, wherever they go. Just ten days left to make that final choice! (Of course, who knows what will happen with waitlists this summer.)

The official GPA is set when final junior year grades are in. Students should focus on academics above all (even test prep). While my juniors are earning their best grades, I’m prepping for essay and application season. Common App Essay Workshops are on Saturday, May 22nd, at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm. Students will leave ready to write!

High points of last week’s conference: How to help students handle a problem on their record (misconduct, academic, or both) that requires further explanation on applications; how to prepare future-ready students; how liberal arts majors still get great jobs; all about international options (UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada); and most of all: how to help students and families through admissions changes that were in the works but exacerbated by the pandemic.

Back to college: An hour and a half “speed-date” through the University of Delaware, College of Charleston, the University of Vermont, and the University of North Carolina Raleigh brought me up-to-date on new academic programs and admissions outcomes. Then onto Trinity University in San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the US (who knew that?) with a major (and growing) economy. Trinity combines the best of the liberal arts with strong business, computer science, and entrepreneurship programs. They offer great merit aid, internship/career support, and fabulous weather. Think outside the box!


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