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Northeast College Speed Dating, Part 1

Met with 8 colleges in one hour and learned way too much for one post! Here’s what admissions reps shared about the first 4 schools:

University of Pittsburgh: #1 in NIH grants, ranked #3 for student outcomes! Submit early for guaranteed consideration for merit awards and honors. The School of Nursing, College of Business Administration, and Swanson School of Engineering are full, with the School of Computing and Information and Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences nearly full. The School of Public Health, the newest college, is still open. It's a great direction for students interested in community and medicine/health. Visit and connect with your reps! Use the counselor portal to reach out.

Class of 2028 stats: Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences: 3.91-4.42 GPA, 1290-1430 SAT, 28-33 ACT. 

Penn State: Many of my students apply, so I communicate with our rep regularly. Nursing, Smeal College of Business, and Engineering are the most competitive schools, and are enrollment capped. The main campus is very full and students are encouraged to enroll at satellite campuses. PSU does not use midyear grades.

Class of 2028 stats: 3.50-3.93 GPA, 1270-1450 SAT, 28-33 ACT.

Rutgers: Three alumni are playing in the Super Bowl! Received over 100,000 applications, a 66% increase since joining the Common Application. Growing OOS and international population: admitted 131% more New England applicants!  Unlikely to go to the waitlist. Direct admit programs all require Calculus as seniors. A tip: Take Calculus, not Statistics, as a senior to be prepared for college Calculus. Math placement test is given twice. Nursing and engineering are the most competitive programs. Odds of admissions are better for Business Analytics and Info Technology majors than Computer Science.

Class of 2028 Stats: 4.05 average GPA, 1380-1500 School of Arts and Science.

University of Connecticut: 56K applications this year (7K more than last year). Admits directly to major. Unlike many colleges, UConn's School of Nursing is growing, as is the Engineering major. Merit aid is offered to all students. The Stamford location has become more popular.

Class of 2028 Stats: 3.7 average GPA, 1260-1410 SAT, 29-33 ACT.

Colleges will not receive FAFSA info until mid-March:

Most financial packages will be sent out in mid-April.


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