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New test dates for the SAT and ACT

Outside of the U.S., all future SATs are in the new digital adaptive format. However, SAT will change to the adaptive digital format in the US starting in spring 2024. It is hard to prepare for both forms of the SAT. Colleges might superscore between the two formats or not, but we don't know for sure yet.

Sophomores in the US should plan ahead. As a general rule, those who next fall will be in Pre-Calc or a higher level of math should plan to take the ACT or the old format of the SAT in the fall of 2023. Those in Algebra 2 or a lower math level should take the ACT or the new digital SAT in the spring of their junior year. However, we know that most students achieve their highest scores in the spring of junior year or summer of senior year. That's why there is no pat answer and I will advise my students one at a time.

It's smart to take a mock exam of both SAT formats as well as the ACT test to compare which is right for you.

Students working with me can access free SAT (current) and ACT tests. Free ACT tests are available online from many sites.


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