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Need to brush up on social issues?

Colleges are asking students to write essays about their opinions and actions regarding social justice and cultural issues. Many students haven't focused on these issues in high school. Here are some podcast suggestions that will help them get up to speed:

Freakanomics: See how culture/the sciences/technology/economics are all connected. Host Stephen Dubner sometimes features Angela Duckworth (UPenn psychology professor/writer of Grit as a guest.

This recent episode illustrates why the US is truly culturally different than many other countries, explaining why our way of life doesn't translate well to some other countries (we're "loose" and they're "tight").

Link to this show here:

TED-podcasts: Browse through often-inspiring podcasts on positivity, design, mental health, business, science, climate, whatever makes us human. Everything you can imagine, mostly short, some long.

Learn social justice basics, in these talks below:

The Argument: NYTimes podcast features experts respectfully debating two, or sometimes three, sides of major issues, moderated by libertarian columnist Jane Costin.

Good example: this episode entitled: Who Decides the Right Way to Protest?

Two of my personal favorites:

Uncomfortable with social media companies manipulating your information ?

See Tristan Harris’s film The Social Dilemma and listen to his podcast Your Undivided Attention

"The Cure for Hate" episode:

The Ezra Klein Show:

The author of Why We’re Polarized offers polite discussions of big issues, often challenging himself while staying true to his ideals.

Here's one of several excellent episodes focusing on the Dobbs decision:

Feel free to share your suggestions with me.


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