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More College Speed-Dating!

Consider these colleges...

Rhodes College: One of the Colleges that Change Lives, is consistently ranked as one of the top most beautiful colleges and one of few LAC with urban location in Memphis TN; near a golf course, zoo, concert hall, and park.

  • Honor Code is completely student-run.

  • More internships than they can fill. 

  • Huge community service commitment. 

  • Health professions advising for about 65% of incoming students. 

  • Unique, year-long paid medical research at St. Jude’s 40 hours per week. 

  • Acceptance to med school is 6X the national average. 

  • Top music business–even though they do not offer music business as a major. 

  • Top mock trial team.

Rollins College: Another “most beautiful campus” in Winter Park, near Orlando, is Florida's oldest college, has 3,200 students 

  • 3+2 accelerated management program. 

  • Rollins Gateway is a unique 4 year experience for each student including internships, service, and study abroad. 

  • Each student has a gateway advisor. 

  • Every application is read 3 times. 

  • Does not use AI!

University of Florida: Orlando Airport 15 minutes from campus. A top 10 university,with 60,0000 total student body/38,000 undergraduate and 97% retention rate. 

  • Honors Village with 5 buildings.

  • New Meteorology major. 

  • $1,000,000,000 research spending. 

  • Leader in AI; every major can earn a certificate in AI. 

  • Moving to EA deadline November 1st deadline. 

  • Grandparent waiver is open for all FL public colleges (apply immediately after submitting the application). 

  • Gatorade invented on campus.

University of West Virginia: Morgantown, one 20 best college towns in the country, is about one hour from Pittsburgh. 24,000 students from every state and many countries. 

  • A1 Research institution. 

  • Top FBI certified Forensics Science, offers a BS, MS, and Ph.D. 

  • Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute was the first institute for studies of human memory and top trauma center. 

  • Leading competitor in robotics, beat 103 teams in 15 countries. 

  • WVSGC is a group of West Virginia academic institutions with industrial partners under the sponsorship of NASA. 

  • Full law school on campus + accelerated 6 year law degree. 

  • In-state tuition at law school. 

  • Average 48K out of state with chance for up to 19K merit. 55% out of state.


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