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In a Manner of Speaking

Want to interview more comfortably and effectively?

Give stronger oral presentations?

Up to 77% of people have a public speaking phobia. It’s unlikely to get better.

Research shows that Gen Z is particularly at risk since so many in this age group communicate more frequently through texting than written and spoken language. They may be more comfortable speaking on screen than in person. While some seem to communicate well enough within their friend group (both onscreen and off), they could use help when the stakes are higher.

My college applicants ask me whether they should interview, and I always say “yes” because an interview is a unique opportunity to stand out and make an impression. A successful interview is simply an engaging conversation. How to engage? Come prepared knowing who you are and ready to share stories that show your positivity and enthusiasm. Other factors? Confidence in yourself and a command of what you know.

Anyone who has given a good presentation knows what it’s like to master a topic beyond simply presenting. You can think on your feet to answer questions and build a dialogue. That’s not much different than what’s needed in a good interview.

The first step to improving public speaking is identifying interests (make a list). If you’re not sure, let’s brainstorm. Experiences count too. Are they allied with your goals of having a successful interview or presentation? Learning the skills is not that difficult, and becoming a good speaker will serve you for life. Ask me about inexpensive public speaking courses too.


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