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IECA Conference College Speed Dating Notes

Four colleges this week, another four next week!

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh requires students to apply directly into programs for these 6 undergrad colleges: Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Mellon Science, Drama/Theatre. Information Systems bridges 3 colleges. B X A allows students to bridge an artistic area with a STEM area. Very collaborative Integrative Design Tech and the Arts program can be built into a minor. Computer Science applicants should send test scores!

Clark University is a liberal arts/research university, one in a college consortium that includes the College of the Holy Cross, Assumption University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and 3 medical schools. Students think critically, make the world a better place. Apply for general admissions before choosing a major. Everyone gets a first year academic advisor and a success coach. 4 + 1 MA program; apply at the end of junior year. Free degree! Top psychology, business, and game design programs. Clark tracks demonstrated interest for waitlist students. 

Ithaca College was voted to have the best undergraduate teaching by USNWR. Emphasis on theory practice performance. Professors are active collaborators. Immersive and interactive learning experiences. 5,000 students in 5 schools: Business, Music, Health Sciences/Human Performance, top-ranked film programs in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, Exploratory Program. 6 year PT and OT programs. Beautiful lake-side campus offers 200 clubs and 27 teams + more restaurants per capita than NYC! The Ithaca Commitment makes financial aid info as transparent as possible. 100% receive merit award and 4 year cost projection with minimal increases.

Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI was founded by two women as a business school before women’s suffrage. Hospitality and Business are the biggest majors; the newest college is Health and Wellness; 8 majors have higher GPA and course requirements. Students move on to graduate programs in PT, OT, and PA. Students are provided with personal advisors, including specialists for career advice. New interdisciplinary major. This year introduced a fee-based support program for IEP students; the first cohort just graduated.  27% first gens. 52% residential. 

Next week, 4 more colleges!


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