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Here’s to the newest juniors: the Class of 2023

I’m excited to connect with my soon-to-be juniors as their summers begin!

What can the class of 2023 expect about the college process?

We predict that most colleges, except for the Florida state system, will remain test optional, though there’s a small chance some schools may return to requiring test scores. Remember that most students who apply to the most competitive colleges (especially those now called “highly rejective”) have continued to submit test scores. The essay is not required for the SAT or ACT.

The most significant changes in financial aid ever will be implemented.

The Class of 2023-24 school year, using the 2021 income tax return, will be the first class benefiting from a higher income allowance for both parent and student (35% increase for students so they can continue to work if necessary). Money being paid on behalf of the student (grandparent) will no longer be assessed as student income-big benefit. A new shorter form asks fewer questions.

Visit colleges! Take advantage of the convenience of virtual tours, but enjoy the pleasures of returning to college trips as soon as they are available. Ask me to plan suggestions.

Perhaps most significant: a hopeful return to in-class instruction and fewer interruptions to the academic year. We can also predict additional, more convenient opportunities to take standardized tests with less fear of cancellations.

Let’s go forward!


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