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First Year Experience: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Maggie Batenhorst

Virginia Polytechnic University

While I worked with Maggie on her essays only, we worked well together. Her positive attitude and energy came through in her essays, making her a very strong applicant. Though she was admitted to several highly-selective colleges where she would have excelled, Virginia Tech stayed near the top of Maggie's college list. After several visits and an overnight, Maggie knew she definitely wanted to attend Virginia Tech. Here's a snapshot of her first year story and a kind review of how I helped her manage her college process.

Major: Marketing management

Minors: Public health and health communications

Biggest accomplishment of freshman year: I made the Dean’s list both semesters taking difficult classes that included economics, accounting, and business calculus. I worked hard to make sure I would be proud of my ending grades, and I was! Balancing schoolwork while having fun and meeting new people was challenging, but I made it work and excelled in and out of the classroom.

Less College Stress Consulting: Pamela definitely helped my college application experience. I got to bounce ideas off her for essays and having another set of eyes look over my application made me feel more confident about being accepted to the colleges I applied to.


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