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Dual Degree Health Science Programs, at the Beach

What a treat to visit Monmouth University on Friday! I posted some photos on Instagram #destressthecollegeprocess and will be posting more on the Less College Stress Consulting and LCS Parents Group Facebook pages.

The mostly-modern campus features one of the Woolworth family’s summer cottages as a building housing

admissions, classes, and receptions, ringed by beautiful gardens. The library is housed in the smaller yet also stately summer cottage of the Guggenheims. If you’ve been to Newport, you get the “summer cottage” idea. But that wasn’t all that impressed me: Monmouth offers over 70 five-year program options.

Monmouth specializes in the health sciences:

  • Nursing

  • 3+2 Speech Language Pathology

  • 3+3 Occupational Therapy Doctorate (New)

  • 3+3 Physician Assistant (New-3 paths: Biology and Health Studies BS, and Anthropology BA )

  • Five year BSW/MSW Social Work

  • 40 million dollar science building renovation

I knew about the Leon Hess Business School from meeting successful alumni, but I learned that Monmouth not only offers a combined BS/MBA program, but also a Center for Entrepreneurship and the Kislak Real Estate Institute. Monmouth’s location--down the road from the Stone Pony and the Springsteen family (the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music are on campus)--make it a smart choice for students interested in the Music Business program, and Marine and Environmental Biology students have an easy one mile trip to the ocean for field work.

Fans come out to see 24 Division 1 teams and choose from over 100 clubs, including Greek life options. New Jersey students who want to stay close--but not too close--should check out Monmouth University. 80% of students are residential and housing is required freshman and senior year. Contact me for more information--you’ll be in good company if you’re from out of state too!


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