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Which College Received Nearly 100,000 Applications This Year?

What makes UCLA such a draw for students from all over the world? (It's 12% international.) Those who are lucky enough to be admitted (17%), almost always stay-UCLA has one of the highest college retention rates in the world.

Bruin Pride is just the beginning! It's no wonder that UCLA students love their community. The sprawling campus is accented by palm trees, flowers, and a mix of Spanish-style and contemporary buildings. UCLA is ranked nearly at the the top of many lists: public colleges, food, campus, and location.

Admission Director Gary A. Clark, Jr. spoke to our group of independent counselors about UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program. California community college students are certified after completing the honors/scholars program and given priority consideration for admission to UCLA College of Letters and Science. We then saw a presentation by the UCLA Honors Program reps, who discussed how their program emphasized interdisciplinary education and why this type of learning prepares students for today's workplace.

Of course, UCLA is impressive all around: every program is exceptional and the academics are competitive and challenging. One major difference to note-UCLA operates on a quarter system schedule: classes begin late in September and end in mid-June. Who is an ideal student? A disciplined, independent learner who is also well-organized and focused will distinguish himself/herself in large classes and get a jump on registering for courses. Being outgoing and confident will help too-UCLA offers an amazing social environment on campus (Greek life, clubs, sports, performing arts, and shows by professional performers) and off (beaches, mountains, a hip restaurant scene, movie theatres) in an exciting city with incomparable weather. One visit to this campus proved why 100,000 students reach for an acceptance each year!

Bruin pride! UCLA boasts a big, beautiful campus

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