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You’ve Applied! Now What?

There's so much excitement about applying on time that you might forget to focus on the next very important part of the application process: opening your colleges’ email confirmations of your applications!

Why does this matter? You need to open your portal for each college to make sure the college has received everything and your application is complete. Colleges that require the SRAR will need you to link it to your application, and this may not be possible without opening your portal first. But every portal needs to be set up.

I have sent my students and families many reminders about this, but I want everyone to know what to do post-submitting. Make sure to find an email from every college you’ve applied to. It can take 3-5 days–if you don’t receive anything by the fifth day, contact the admissions office. Check your spam folder first before calling!

If any item is indicated as missing, please address it as soon as possible.

Below is a video that spells every step out. Get comfortable with visiting your portals…many colleges will give you decisions through them.


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