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More student reviews: FIT, Clemson, Colgate, and Boston College

"Hey!! Happy New Year to you too!! Omg I love it so so much… I'm missing it right now!!! The city’s definitely my home and I’m obsessed with fashion classes (FIT)!! Thanks so much."

"Sure! I love the atmosphere of the campus (Clemson), especially on game days! There is always something to do and the campus is easy to navigate. Everyone is so nice and welcoming!😀"

"School is going excellent, thank you! Colgate is the perfect school for me, and I truly couldn’t be any happier here❤️ The first big reason why I love Colgate is the small classes/exceptional professors. The professors are all very invested in the subjects they teach, most of them actively doing research with other students on campus. This, mixed with the small class sizes, allowed me to immediately develop relationships with my professors and for them to actually get to know me on a personal basis. Another reason I love Colgate is the tight-knit community. Many see a small school as a negative factor when deciding what college to apply to. However, I consider the lower number of students a strength of Colgate. It allows me to get to know many different people well without being completely overwhelmed. I could name many more reasons, but I hope this helps! 😊"

"Yes!!! I love the environment (Boston College). it’s the perfect neighborhood and I always feel super safe walking home from the library late and being out at any time of the day. It’s super easy and close to get in and out of the city as well so I feel like it’s the best combination of locations I could ask for.

I also love how being close to a city--there are always so many events and opportunities to get involved in. The professors have been more helpful than I could have ever imagined. For example, I had a professor reach out to me asking if I was going to be missing a quiz because she knew the track team had a meet and that I am on the roster for the team. She...reached out to see if I needed any accommodations or to change the quiz which was not needed, but greatly appreciated. Professors make it known that they want to be there for you to talk about their class, your career, your future, or just life in general.

Socially, I feel like the overall population is very focused on school so some people will go out with friends on Thursdays and usually on Fridays and Saturdays, but otherwise (going out) during the week is not as normal or expected as it is in other schools, especially from what I’ve heard from my friends at schools in the south.

Favorite classes? My literature class taught by professor Thomas Kaplan Maxfield focused on love…very honest, vulnerable, and realistic. Definitely opened my mind. I also really liked Courage To Know, which was taught by a priest and focused on building relationships and learning how to navigate. Both were awesome."


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