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How will you be remembered 5 years from now?

"List current extracurricular activities/find ideas in the extracurricular file…let’s meet to discuss!"

Why do I assign this? Maybe you’re already doing enough, and that’s fine. However, consider thinking beyond those if you’re aiming for the most competitive colleges

I encourage students to review their extracurriculars because these can set them apart from other applicants. Which extracurriculars matter most? Those that show your desire to help your community, your passion about a particular idea, subject, or goal, and most of all–your curiosity and desire to learn. 

One college recommended that students think about how they will be remembered in 5 years. That sounds like an impossible task. But a few years ago, one of my students created a mural painting project for the school hallway and enlisted classmates to help paint. It will be there to spread good feelings longer than 5 years. Another helped her town initiate its plastic bag ban, eliminating years of landfill litter.

Here are some additional ideas that will impact you and others for 5 years:

Raising $ for new library computers for an underserved school

Lobbying for meatless Mondays

Starting and leading a tutoring club

Create an AP study guide

Campaigning for a candidate 

Becoming a city youth council member

Join your town’s Environmental Commission

Create a traveling library to serve underserved communities

Create a race fundraiser

Launching an educational YouTube channel (about any subject or interest) to reach a global audience.

For my students: let’s discuss after you complete the assignment.  For all students: meet with me for an hour to discuss how you can boost your extracurricular profile.


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