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Georgia College Trip Reviews

UGA, Georgia Tech, and Emory visits were planned: discovering SCAD Atlanta was an exciting surprise.

University of Georgia: Enjoyed a private tour of the sprawling campus and a delicious southern dinner at The Last Resort with a former student/current freshman accounting major. The work can be challenging, but she's loving every part of the traditional college experience. Met with our gracious NJ rep the following morning and learned that UGA is receiving many apps and they are committed to giving each one the time it deserves. With 28,000 undergrads, UGA looks to enroll a class of 6,000 and do not admit by major. Becomes more highly selective each year: average recalculated GPA is over 4.2 with top rigor. Hospitality is the newest major.

Georgia Institute of Technology: GTI’s modern campus in downtown Athens reflects its STEM focus and dedication to solving the world’s problems. Every major, including liberal arts, earns a STEM-sealed BS degree. 60/40 instate and out of state, male and female. Lots of first-year support--supplemental sessions of 20 meeting w/one TA to make large classes manageable. Top paid co-op opportunities (many students do three, others just one) with Microsoft, Google, Coc-Cola, Home Depot, CDC, American Cancer Society and many more. Must select a major. Nearby Tech Square campus houses the Scheller College of Business.

SCAD-Atlanta Campus: Unplanned, we wandered in, and were blown away by what students are doing at SCAD’s Advertising and Branding campus. Atlanta is called “the Hollywood of the South” because at least 50 movies, television pilots, series, reality shows, feature films are currently in production. Along with those opportunities, SCAD’s Schools of Business Innovation, Creative Technology, Visual Communication, Building Arts, Animation & Motion, and others give students access to Fortune 500 companies, a thriving arts scene and limitless professional opportunities. The creative energy is palpable and SCAD is growing, with new luxury dorms in the works (the existing dorms are already luxurious).

Emory University: Biggest thrill? Seeing my former student so happy. How to be admitted to one of the most selective Universities in the south? Be an intellectually curious problem solver who engages with community and understands the interdisciplinary nature of majors and professions through your essays and life experience (and of course, take the most rigorous courses offered at your school). The rolling-hilled campus features mostly classic marble buildings with modern additions for the sciences and student center. Hospitals on campus and nearby support Emory’s nursing and pre-med students. But Emory is playful: we met Dooley, the “Lord of Misrule," a skeleton that embodies "the spirit of Emory." In 1899, the skeleton from Emory's biology classroom began writing letters commenting on student life to the college paper. Calling himself "Dooley" the bone man evolved to become Emory’s beloved mascot.


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