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Congratulations, Class of 2022

This year, everyone has read stories about students not getting into any of the colleges to which they applied (that only happens with a bad list). My colleagues and I agree that the degree of unpredictability and precipitous dropping of admit rates at selective schools made 2022 a particularly stressful year.

Yes, admissions is an unpredictable business. However, every student embarking on the Ivy path (or similar) should look at those admit rates, which hover around 5%, and not be shocked to be denied. Students from all over the world apply to these colleges–add NYU (slightly higher admit rate 12%) and MIT to that list. The truth is that elite college denials/waitlists are really not unpredictable at all. It’s the admit rates at highly selective but not the most selective universities (examples: Northeastern 6.7% and Tulane 10%) that threw us this year.

I’m grateful that none of my 2022 graduates was impacted by the worst of this. Northeastern and Tulane admitted students decided on other colleges. Many earned lots of merit aid, too.


Boston College (2)

Boston University

Clemson University

Colgate University (2)

College of the Holy Cross

Emerson College

Fairfield University

Fashion Institute of Technology

George Washington University

Gettysburg College (2)

Hamilton College

Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

James Madison University

Notre Dame University

Providence College (2)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2)

Rutgers University (2)

Sacred Heart University

Syracuse University (2)

University of Georgia

University of Miami

University of Richmond

University of South Carolina

University of Vermont

Villanova University (5)

Students Awarded >$2.1M in Scholarships (all admitted colleges)


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