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College Speed Dating, Part 2

Sharing info from four more enlightening college visits!

Ohio State University, receiving over 76K applications in 2023, remains as popular as ever. Interesting fact: you apply to the college, not to a program.The huge campus is broken down by major: students select where to live on campus with regard to section or 16 themed residential scholars programs. Interdisciplinary between major or interest! Bustling campus features food delivery robots.

University of Dayton offers direct admit engineering. High retention rate; honors program, First year exploratory within engineering. Minimum pre-calc, physics, chemistry. Engineers should graduate with as many as five internships/co-ops and full resumes. Fisher Enterprises is a student-run business worth 2.5 million. D1 sports for a fun atmosphere on the beautiful campus.

Miami University of Oxford’s motto is Love and Honor. Every student is considered for merit based awards; Non-Ohio average award is 5-15K. Scholarships increase every year. Apply by 12/1. Average starting salary $61K across all majors. Long called a “Public Ivy,” the bucolic campus looks like it belongs at an elite private university. Great co-op opportunities for business students and others.

University of Cincinnati is co-op central! UC invented co-ops: students do something different each rotation. City has Fortune 500 companies; top 20 city for new college grads; top 25 for young professionals. Scholarships anywhere from $1500-$6,000 per year. Tuition locked in. Apply by December 1st deadline and get an answer by January 22nd. The Bearcat Promise is “We prepare you for the future.” Honors program focused on experiential learning; professors look for research assistance.


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