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College Speed Dating!

I visited 8 colleges in 4 days on a great trip to Pittsburgh and all over Ohio with my IECA colleagues–and came home with Covid (just like last year). I’m sharing some notes from the first four schools and will share the rest next Sunday. My families--if you want to learn more about each college, just open the Notes in the Less College Stress system.

Carnegie Mellon wants students who impact humankind. Engineering is the largest of the 5 stand alone majors-curriculum designed by companies. Yield has gone up 4%. The ED pool must be very highly qualified and admit rates are daunting: Dietrich College of Arts & Sciences 13-14%; under 1% in drama, 3% CompSci. 70% of students submit scores.

University of Pittsburgh offers a top Honors College with a Living/Learning Community. Its Computing and Information College is one of the oldest CompSci programs in the US. The School of Public Health is community driven, with 120 service learning hours required. A strong undergraduate Neuroscience program is one recipient of top grants from NIH. Big 10 sports and Greek life. Great city campus where everyone is engaged in something!

Duquesne University is a hidden gem for those who want a mid-sized urban college with a green space. High passing rate for future PA’s, PT’s, and nurses; lots of school spirit with D1 sports (football, basketball, and ice hockey are popular) and Greek life. There is a general career center, plus independent academic support from professional tutors and peer tutors, plus career support for each school.

Case Western Reserve features a cool, themed, 7 floor Maker Space called Sears Think(Box); toured each floor! Top STEM programs. Admissions does not calculate 9th grade into the GPA. 60% of students submit scores. Perfect fit for “doers and makers” who want to be busy all the time. Greek life and D3 sports offer a balance. The campus, near the Cleveland Clinic, is a suburban oasis with easy transportation to downtown.


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