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KRISTEN, admitted to the Class of 2026

 The summer before my senior year was a very busy one for many reasons, but Pamela kept me on track with my Common App essay, supplements, and applications, and in September, I was pleased to learn that I was ahead of many of my classmates and had a lot Less College Stress than I otherwise would've had. I was very happy with the final college list Pamela and I developed and would've loved attending any of the schools on it. However, I am thrilled to have been accepted to my top choice, Notre Dame, and can't wait to start school in the fall."
Pamela was a wonderful resource throughout the college application process. Pamela’s expertise was invaluable. She helped me craft a well-balanced college list, making sure I would be happy at all of my colleges, from safeties to reaches. Her understanding of the Common Application allowed me to easily navigate each section, and her organization made finishing everything on time uncomplicated. I am so grateful to her for the time she dedicated to helping me to create cohesive, cogent, and impressive college applications, that procured an acceptance from the school of my dreams!--"
CAMILLE, Class of 2024
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What does it mean to DE-STRESS the COLLEGE PROCESS?

We De-Stress the College Process by working ahead of schedule.

Beginning applications and essays as soon as junior year ends

Starting supplemental essays before official prompt release

Submitting applications well ahead of college deadlines

TRUST LCS Consulting to guide  your family throughout the college process

The LCS Philosophy
A Message from Pamela Kwartler

Applying to colleges with NOVEMBER DEADLINES?

Finish your essays now!


Get your essays out of the way now so you can focus

on school and enjoy the holidays.

I founded LCS/DE-STRESS THE COLLEGE PROCESS in response to the scare tactics and negativity surrounding college admissions today. The fear-mongering interferes with common sense and what could be an optimistic, exciting time for families. When other parents speak with authority, we become vulnerable to peer pressure and worry that our inexperience or inaction must be shortchanging our kids. But “advice” from other parents is not going to be the charm for navigating this process successfully: common sense and calm, professional support is.


Rest assured that your kids will gain admissions to excellent colleges. Let's shift our outlook forward, when most of them will be happy at college. Take a long-term view, and encourage them--and ourselves--to believe that college achievements matter much more than which colleges they choose to attend.

Click here to learn more about LCS's flexible offerings for high school students. Begin DE-STRESSING the COLLEGE PROCESS now!



Harvard University

2020 Valedictorian Camille will continue exploring biological and environmental sciences (+ all of her other many, many interests) at Harvard.

As a Certified Educational Planner, I am committed to providing the latest information on the state of higher education in the US and internationally. The COVID-19 crisis has added a new level of stress for both families and institutions. I meet with admissions officers and share updates with my families.


The college process is overwhelming because it involves extra work at a busy time for everyone.  Realizing that we can’t control everything creates anxiety and it’s hard to leave matters up to chance because we’re used to self-advocating.  So, what can we control? We can create strong, unique applications that attract attention. Then we can go forward confidently, ready to look forward to colleges' decisions. 

Are you the parent of

a high school freshman?

Let's have a general discussion about how the college process works and your student's academics and extracurricular activities. 

It’s just a conversation … becoming informed sooner may help you feel more prepared.

Are you the parent of a high school sophomore, junior or senior?

Let’s make a game plan. LCS helps with course selection, summer planning, test scheduling, actual/virtual school
visits, researching colleges, and keeping the stress level down. When it’s time to complete essays, applications, and finalizing a list of colleges your senior will be happy to attend, LCS sets goals, sends reminders, and manages it all with interactive College Planner Pro software - and we'll finish ahead of admissions deadlines.

Need quick help now?

LCS offers hourly consulting to meet a variety of each student's needs, from assistance with the Common Application to college essay editing and all aspects of the college process. 

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