Every student is unique and the level of guidance each family desires varies.  Less College Stress Consulting offers flexible packages to assist you through the entire college process as well as consulting time blocks dedicated to your specific needs.


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START WITH THE FACTS: For Freshman or Sophomore Families*

It’s your first time going through the process, and all the “college buzz” only adds confusion. Get answers and an overview of what the entire college process entails in 2020 from a certified education professional, and start your freshman or sophomore off stress-free in this two-hour session.  

Comprehensive Package For High School Families​

It’s time to start the adventure. We begin the process with a self-assessment that helps to reveal where a student will be most happy and successful by examining these areas:

  • Enthusiasm about School

  • Classroom Participation

  • Affection for Knowledge

  • Basic Academic Skills

  • Independence

  • Career Orientation

  • Social Consciousness

  • Self-Understanding

  • Academic/Social Balance

  • Eagerness for College

While using data from the assessment and your input, research on your college list begins. Have a major in mind? If yes, great…if not, no problem. Next, LCS advises on high school course selection and extracurricular activities that fit your student best--never using a formula. Test-prep scheduling, with LCS's recommendations for experienced, excellent tutors, follows. We discover the schools that your junior will be excited to see, then help you plan your visits. Watch your list grow.

Reducing stress is all about staying on the schedule. Guiding you through first college visits to sending in the deposit check before May 1st of senior year, count on LCS to support your family in the college process. The Comprehensive Package is LCS's start-to-finish solution for seniors and their families. Let us work with you through the entire process.


This customized offering includes the following:


  • Review of academic record

  • Advice on course selection

  • SAT/ACT recommendations and scheduling

  • Test preparation options

  • Recommendations on extracurricular activities

  • In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parents

  • Refinement of choices of school type and major using interest surveys

  • College visit advice

  • Preparation of balanced college list uniquely suited to the student

  • Action Plan with Interactive College Planner Pro Software Program

  • Common App Essay Brainstorming sessions

  • Essay support for non-Common App colleges

  • Editing of Common App Essays + Supplements

  • Editing of Activities and Resume

  • Application Review

  • Interview Recommendations and prep

  • Recommendations on college choice once decisions are received

  • Twenty-eight hour maximum

*Freshman/Sophomore families pay the same rate as juniors and receive up to two extra years in guidance.

Additional Ways to Work with LCS

Hourly Consultation

Maybe you have a few general questions about the college process. Maybe your daughter’s essay needs a read-through. LCS answers your questions, makes suggestions, gives ideas—for one hour.


Meet for one hour to discuss: an overview of the college process • course selection for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors • test prep strategy/schedule • how to choose extracurricular activities • discuss realistic college options for your student • options for Learning Disabled students • an explanation of Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Decision  timelines • a read-through of a Common Application essay • the value of a gap year • summer programs • ACT or SAT • SAT Subject tests • review an application before sending • an explanation of need-based financial aid, merit awards, and scholarships • applying to medical or law school • plan a college trip 



Four Hour Consultation Blocks

Four-hour blocks often work well for essay-only guidance, helping fill out applications, and specialized research. LCS helps you estimate how much time you’ll need.


Consultation blocks provide the bridge between a full package and hourly consultations. Sessions are offered in four-hour blocks that can be scheduled within one month. Consultation blocks work well for students who need: essay topic brainstorming • any college-related essay review and/or editing • help filling out the Common Application • resume building • application review • health-professions/medical school essay/interview prep • assistance with transferring • or any combination of these that fits four hours


"My son was thrilled when he got accepted to his top college…Pamela's assistance enabled my son to write a wonderful and unique essay which was instrumental in his success during the application process. It took the pressure off and made the entire process less stressful."

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"Just like Madison’s, Steven's college process was a huge success! He applied to nine schools and was accepted into all but one along with great scholarships."

“Pamela is absolutely the best at the essays.”

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