"I simply cannot recommend Pamela Kwartler enough to anyone going through the college admission process. Pamela was invaluable in helping me craft unique and thought-out applications for each of the colleges I applied to, providing a real insight into the application process that other books and online sources were not able to show. As an international applicant, the US college system was both extremely daunting and confusing; however, Pamela explained and demystified it. We truly worked together. I learnt how to write powerful essays that effectively demonstrated my skills, passions and aspirations to each college, with the help of Pamela’s editing. Through all the amazing guidance Pamela provided, I was accepted into Harvard University, Princeton University and Stanford University (the college I am now currently attending), three dream schools I had never even considered possibilities only a year ago. Thank you so much Pamela for all the incredible goals you have helped me achieve, I truly could not have done it without you!"
Oscar, Class of 2022

The LCS Philosophy

A Message from Pamela Kwartler

I founded LCS/DE-STRESS THE COLLEGE PROCESS in response to the scare tactics and negativity surrounding college admissions today. Driven by rankings, doom-filled media articles, and the distracting buzz of well-meaning parents, the fear-mongering approach to applying to college interferes with common sense and what could be an optimistic, exciting time for families. The COVID-19 crisis has added an unprecedented level of stress for families and institutions alike. I am committed to sharing the news about changes in higher education with my families as I receive it. 


LCS students gain admissions to excellent colleges. When families work with LCS, we shift our outlook to a year or two from now, when most of our sons and daughters will be happy at college. We take a long-term view, and encourage our children and ourselves to truly believe that achievements at college matter much more than which college he or she chooses to attend.

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Stanford University

Oscar, a computer science and music student, chose Stanford for its creative interdisciplinary curriculum and world-class choir. He has plenty to say about his experience-read about it on the Resources page.

As a Certified Educational Planner, I am committed to providing the latest information on the state of higher education in the US and internationally. 


The college process is overwhelming because it involves extra work at a busy time for everyone. There’s the low-level stress of emailing guidance counselors, requesting recommendations, registering for and sending scores of standardized tests, and visiting colleges whenever you can squeeze it into your schedule. But realizing that we can’t control everything creates anxiety.

It’s hard to leave matters up to chance because we’re used to self-advocating.  So, what can we control? We can create strong, unique applications that attract attention. Then we can go forward confidently, ready to look forward to colleges' decisions. 

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It’s just a conversation … becoming informed sooner may help you feel more prepared.

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Let’s make a game plan. LCS is here to help with course selection, summer planning, test scheduling, college
visits, researching colleges, and keeping the stress level down. When it’s time to complete essays, applications, and finalizing a list of colleges your senior would be happy to attend, LCS sets goals, sends reminders, and manages it all with interactive College Planner Pro software - and we'll finish ahead of admissions deadlines.

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