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Northeast College Speed Dating, Part 2

Here’s the rest of the info from my whirlwind 8 college webinar.

SUNY Binghamton: Received over 50K applications this year. Opportunities for first year research programs and being published in all 8 colleges. Students should demonstrate interest and take Precalculus as a minimum. Eligible applicants to the School of Management are automatically considered for Harpur, but not for the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science or the Decker School of Nursing. All Harpur College of Arts and Sciences students come in as undecided, and an ineligible School of Management applicant will not be offered a spot in Harpur. 

Class of 2028 Stats: 93-98 GPA/1300-1450 SAT/29-33 ACT.

SUNY Stony Brook: Just received $500,000,000, the largest private donation ever in US history! One of the few northeast colleges with a 10/15 deadline, so apply early. New program: Climate Solutions Center on Governor’s Island; growing programs: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Sustainability Studies, Mass Communications, Globalization Studies and Human Relations, Africana Studies, and some language programs. The highest level of math and science offered at a high school is required for Engineering and Computer Science. Every applicant should take Precalculus regardless of major. They appreciate Letters of Recommendation! 

Class of 2028 Stats: 4.05 average GPA/1420 average SAT/29-33 ACT. 

University of Maryland: After Engineering, Computer Science, Nursing, Business, Government/Political majors are most popular. Even if current students hoping to transfer into those majors meet the course requirements, they are still subject to a competitive review. Students who are not directly admitted will face a very competitive review to change into Computer Science. 2024 was the most competitive year, as they saw another increase in applications and the class size remained the same. General admission is major blind. Students must meet gateway requirements for limited enrollment programs, 

Class of 2028 Stats: 4.20 GPA/1400-1520 SAT/32-35 ACT. 

University of Delaware: Admit directly to a major. The popular Sports Management program offers great hands-on learning opportunities. They’ve just added the Applied Physics and Mathematics and Data Science majors this year. Thousands of nursing applicants for only 200 spots. 18 units of core subjects, 2 years of a language is adequate; take Precalculus at a minimum for business and engineering. 

Class of 2028 Stats: 3.85-4.32/1250-1410 SAT/27-32 ACT.

Colleges will not receive FAFSA info from the government until mid-March

Most financial packages will be sent out in mid-April.


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