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Early Submissions and Acceptances

Here’s a short extra post. This stressful week has ended on a happy note for me!

First of all, nearly every student has submitted their early applications, as I stated in an earlier blog post (meant to go out today, mistakenly went out late last week). If you are holding off on a few applications, please push that button today.

Why does submitting at 11:59 on Wednesday, November 1st create more stress?

  • You may inadvertently miss a deadline by cutting it too close.

  • If a college’s email you need to open your portal takes 5 days to reach you (check your Spam), you may miss connecting the SRAR on time.

  • If a college wants something unexpected for your application to be complete (like the University of Maryland’s requirement of a college transcript for dual enrollment courses taken before senior year), you will miss the deadline if there is no grace period. (It is not the only college asking for this.)

Waiting is simply more stressful than moving forward! That’s why I’m so happy that nearly everyone is moving on to focusing on essays for Regular Decision applications.

And, on an extra happy note: I have been receiving exciting emails and texts about acceptances…including one very impressive (and very early) ED! Congratulations!


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