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The University of Virginia's Lighting the Lawn Unifies the Community

UVA will usher in the holiday season with its annual Lighting of the Lawn on Thursday, November 30th-on the spot where neo-Nazis marched on August 11th, 2017.

On my recent visit, reps and students spoke about how UVA addressed the violence by encouraging open dialogue and establishing solidarity. This encouraging news underscored why UVA is a top university for its 69% Virginians, it's also a home for the 31% out-of-state students (including some Northerners).

UVA's prestige began with its founding by Thomas Jefferson, its beautiful grounds, Southern style and Honor Code, and most of all: Ivy-caliber academics and competitive admissions. The campus is matched by incomparable academics in every school and subject. Interested in applying?

UVA's average GPA is a 4.24, and the middle 50% SAT range is 1240-1460; the ACT mid range is 28-34. Students are involved in many extracurriculars, including Greek life, athletics, hiking in the nearby Blue Ridge mountains, or shopping and dining in the great college town of Charlottesville. If you visit, check out Cabell Hall, home of UVA's Music Department and the site of artist Lincoln Perry's colorful murals that combine images from history and contemporary life. The Halloween mural below combines medieval jesters, ancient Greek soldiers, the Rotunda, and children in Halloween costumes, representing those who come to trick and treat each year on the lawn at UVA.

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